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Properly preparing your home for the market can increase your home's value and can assist in a faster sale.
An inviting home allows prospective buyers to envision their future in the home.
Take a look at a few ways to prepare your home:

1. Curb Appeal - Don't let prospective buyers keep driving! Attractive landscaping and exterior paint will bring more visitors to your home. If the outside looks good, they will be excited to see the inside!
2. Neutral Colors and Natural Light - Make your space look fresh, clean and welcoming! Neutral colors help take away the guess work. Natural light and neutral colors together have a way of making the space look bigger and more open. On a sunny day open the blinds and the windows, fresh air can be so refreshing!

3. Staging and Decor can be key to your sale! Take away personal items, remove clutter and focus on proper colors, furniture placement and decor. It is amazing what a difference staging can make! You see it all the time, the WOW factor when watching before and after shots of homes. Often times this WOW factor can be accomplished with some simple staging.

4. Double the Bathroom As A Spa - Yes, simple things can quickly turn your bathroom into a spa look alike just by placing towels, decor, wash cloths and candles appropriately

5. Smell Good - Invite someone else to walk through your home to check out the smells! Often times we become numb to the smells that fill our homes. A visitor can quickly identify animal smells, mildew or musky smells or if there is an overload of smells that is important to know too! Smell is a factor to home buyers.

Thinking of selling your home? I would be happy to meet with you and discuss the different ways to make your home sell for the most in the shortest amount of time. From staging to complete remodels we are here to assist.

What's Your Home Worth

Anje Walfoort
American Real Estate
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