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Are you thinking about downsizing but aren’t sure if it’s the right option for you? In this episode of Hometown USA, I’m going to talk about the reasons that downsizing can open up new opportunities. We’ll look at the reasons why now is a great time to downsize and explore your options in making a move.

Why Should You Downsize?

Downsizing isn’t just about having less to take care of. It can also offer you the opportunity to use your money to make more money, relocate, purchase rental properties, travel, and just enjoy life a little bit more. Additionally, experts forecast that supply and demand will keep housing prices appreciating—but at a slower rate than they have been in the last few years.

I've worked with several clients that are taking advantage of the seller's market and are downsizing at this time. Oftentimes, they're downsizing to find a smaller home with less maintenance and a lower cost of living.

Renting And ADUs

I've also worked with clients that have taken a more profitable approach to downsizing. Rents have climbed over the last few years, creating opportunities for investors when downsizing. This is a way to make your profits work for you.

While doing this, they have increased the residual income coming back to them. They’re also receiving a monthly income while owning an additional property, still being able to downsize into a property themselves. Another option for those downsizing is adding an additional dwelling unit to a family's property.

An additional dwelling unit is a guest unit on a property that already exists. While there are different guidelines for different counties, this is definitely a way to be close to family members, have a lower cost of living, have people around for emergencies, and still maintain your own space. It also adds more equity to the house.

Relocating And Travel

Another option for those downsizing is to use your funds to move and relocate to another state where you have family or friends—specifically that has a lower cost of living than California does. We are working with agents across the country to help those that are relocating to have good contacts and learn more about the locations that they are moving to.

We've also created a program called City Match, which helps buyers and sellers work with a team that makes the relocation as simple as possible. We help provide information that helps our buyers in learning about the neighbors, neighborhoods, and schools of the areas they are moving to. We receive information not only from realtors but also from other owners and groups out there that are giving information.

We're doing everything that we can to make sure that our clients are not surprised with their relocation. We also have an in-house lender that helps with loans in multiple states. We have had dozens and dozens of sellers that have relocated to other states, and we’ve assisted them hand in hand in the process to make this transition as smooth as possible. Believe me, there are a lot of things that can come up. You want to make sure you have somebody overseeing all the pieces and walking you through the process—and that is what we're here for.

The last option I'm going to discuss today may be the most fun one yet. We've had several sellers that have chosen to sell their homes, buy an RV, and go hit the streets. This allows them to find freedom, travel, and enjoy life.

We’re Here To Help

If you are considering downsizing and want to jump out there and try it all out, we are here to support you. We know it may sound like a crazy idea, but it's a dream come true. If you've worked your whole life to get there, then it's about time that you go do it.

Whatever you choose to do, that's your choice. We want you to have fun with it, and we're here to assist you. So if you have questions about downsizing or relocating and you need somebody to help answer them for you, that's what I'm here for. Make sure to reach out to me, and I look forward to working with you and answering all of your questions.

Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel so you never miss an episode of Hometown USA, my show all about real estate. Stay tuned to see what I feature next!

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