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Some markets are still so hot that when a home hits the market, it sells.  SOME MARKETS.  Not all!  We've seen a recent shift and more homes sitting on the market waiting for the right buyer.  The longer your home is on the market, the harder it is to sell.

#1 Tip To Sell Your Home - PRICE IT RIGHT!
We hear it all the time, let's start high and see what happens.  Of course, you don't want to leave money on the table, but pricing too high turns buyers away.  If your home doesn't have the "will pay anything for this home features" then price it according to the market.  Most buyers don't want to pay too much for a home, and most won't pay over appraised value!  Also, buyers are feeling like homes have reached their peak, at least temporarily, so they are more hesitant.  

Inventory is still low.  When your home hits the market, if it's priced right and is in a good location listen to the feedback!  Agents will be showing and they know the market.  If you aren't receiving offers, DON'T TAKE IT PERSONAL.  Listen to your agent, listen to the feedback, and make adjustments!  DON'T WAIT AND MISS POTENTIAL BUYERS!

#2 Tip To Sell Your Home - HIRE THE RIGHT AGENT
There isn't a shortage of agents.  Everyone has a friend, relative, friend of a friend, Facebook friend, etc that is an agent.  That doesn't mean this is the right agent for the job!  This is most likely the most important sale you will make, so the right representation is important!  Look for good communication, someone that knows the market, someone that markets aggressively and someone who is honest with you.  Honest means telling you an accurate estimated value (not a high value to get the listing knowing it most likely isn't going to sell for this amount), telling you what work needs done or how it will impact you if it's not, and someone that gives you the feedback...good or bad.

You only get one chance to make a first impression is never more accurate than when selling your home!  First - curb appeal.  If a buyer does a drive by and the outside is messy, overgrown or looks like it needs a lot of work, they will most likely pass on seeing the inside of the home or they will expect the home to be priced accordingly.  Do yourself a favor, stand outside and look at your home as a buyer would look.  Take a few pictures and see what they see.  Does the front door need painted?  Can you add a few flowers in the flower pot?  Are the gutters hanging down or broken?  Can you touch up a few items or do you really need some paint?  

#4 Tip To Sell Your Home - GET YOUR HOME READY!
First, clean.  A clean home is inviting.  A clean home also makes the buyer feel as if the home was well maintained and won't need a lot of tedious work.  
Take a look at what really needs done to get the highest return on your investment.  
Do you need interior paint?  A fresh coat of paint can make a huge difference in marketability.  A freshly painted room looks and feels fresh, it allows the imagination to go to work!

Declutter!  Minimalize!  Let the buyers picture their items in your house instead of seeing your items and not really seeing the house itself.  Less is more in most situations when it comes to preparing your home.  We understand how hard this can be when there are children, pets, people coming and going.  It is so hard to live in a home and make it look like no one lives there. Do your best, you will be rewarded!

Fix the little things that need fixed!  Leaky sinks, running toilet, touch up paint, broken light switch plates, etc. Don't let the little things add up to seem like big things.

Staging isn't always an option, but there are several things that can help with presentation.  That being said, if you have a budget to assist with staging discuss this with your agent.  Personally, I have helped several sellers stage their homes and get it ready to hit the market, from painting to furnishings to clean up.  This is an area that I specialize in and know that it can really impact your profits.  

#5 Tip To Sell Your Home - Get A Home Inspection
I could have put this as Tip #1.  The reason for this is so you don't have any surprises and can price accordingly.  It is much better to know before listing what repairs are needed.  It can be a painful surprise when you are in escrow and learn that you have an expensive repair that is needed to close and you didn't prepare for it.  Home inspections are very thorough and give you a heads up whether you are selling your home "as is" or with repairs already completed.

Need additional tips on buying or selling your home?  I'm happy to help!  I take pride in superior service, aggressive advertising and building long term relationships with clients.

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